{EN} The Immortalists – Chloe Benjamin

1. ‘In a way, I see religion as a pinnacle of human achievement. In inventing God, we’ve developed the ability to consider our own straits – and we’ve equipped Him with the kind of handy loopholes that enable us to believe we only have so much control. The truth is that most people enjoy a certain level of impotence. But I think we do have control – so much that it scares us to death. As a species, God might be the greatest gift we’ve ever given ourselves. The gift of sanity.’

2. While other religions are concerned with dying, Jews are most concerned with living. The Torah focuses on olam ha-ze: ‘this world.’

3. If they know when they’ll die, they can live.

4. ‘It doesn’t sound very enjoyable.’ Luke wears a pair of technical pants with a zip-up hoodie. A pair of sunglasses is stuck in his hair, held in place by the curls. Varya fits her key in the office door and pushes it open with her hip.
‘Hedonists don’t tend to live very long.’
‘But they have fun while they’re doing it.’

5. You cleared the decks: you had no husband, no kids. You could have done anything. But you’re just like your monkeys, locked up and underfed. The point is that you have to live a lesser life in order to live a longer one.


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