Dear reader, welcome to my blog!

I started this blog out of love for book quotes, but most important, to not let the books I read be forgotten. To keep them at a „search” away when I don’t remember well what was the quote I liked so much in a certain book. To let books speak for themselves in a collection of quotes to be found in them so that other readers find inspiration and stir their curiosity and go „find it in the book”.

When there was no computer in my room and no Internet connection, I used to write by hand the quotes I loved. Then my father gave me a typing machine as a gift and I had fun rewriting them. Then I got a computer and again rewrote them in a blank Word document. Now I have a Kindle and download the Clippings on my laptop and post the quotes on this blog.

There are some posts with quotes in Romanian (since I am Romanian and obviously read in my mother tongue) and also in French (another language I enjoy reading in). I focus on English quotes, but from time to time there will be posts in both of these languages.

Thanks for stopping by and if the quotes inspire you to pick up the book and read it, my mission is complete. But I would very much like to know if you enjoyed it.

Keep on reading!