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    {EN} The Funny Thing Is – Ellen DeGeneres

    Recenzie The Funny Thing Is… 1. “The fact is, I’d rather write a book than read a book. It’s like reading, only you get paid for it.” 2. “Be nice to everyone, even though you don’t want to and you may not like certain people. Be kind, friendly, and respectful even if people are not nice to you. That way, you’re not dragged down to their level. Also, there’s nothing that annoys arrogant jerks more than people being nice to them.” 3. “Try to put time aside to listen to “you.” It’s easy to forget what “you” want, who “you” are, with all the noise. Check in with “you” every…

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    {EN} My Point… And I Do Have One – Ellen DeGeneres

    Recenzie My Point… And I Do Have One 1. “Well, crying’s good. It prepares you for life. The more often I see children crying, the more often I think, “That’s gonna be a healthy adult.” That’s what life is all about. There’s a lot of crying involved. So you’d better cry now and get used to it.” 2. “Whenever I ask myself, “Why go on?” I must answer, “Why not.” Miracles do happen.” 3. “I want to have a child. I really do. I think about it every day—and every day I change my mind.” 4. “Things that sound like a good idea at first, but really aren’t A. Taking…