Jeffrey Eugenides

Middlesex – Jeffrey Eugenides

Recenzie Middlesex 1. „To the extent that fetal hormones affect brain chemistry and histology, I’ve got a male brain. But I was raised as a girl.” 2. „In any genetic history. I’m the final clause in a periodic sentence, and that sentence begins a long time ago, in another language, and you have to read it from the beginning to get to the end, which is my arrival.” 3. „In other words, I operate in society as a man. I use the men’s room. Never...

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The Marriage Plot – Jeffrey Eugenides

1.  “According to this article,” Alton said, reading the Voice, “homosexuality didn’t exist until the nineteenth century. It was invented. In Germany.” 2. “Madeleine thought to herself, as she’d thought many times before, that Mitchell was the kind of smart, sane, parent-pleasing boy she should fall in love with and marry. That she would never fall in love with Mitchell and marry him, precisely because of this eligibility, was yet another...

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