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    {EN} Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Romania – Mike Ormsby

    1. „<<I hated the Communists so much, for years  I would only read right-wing books. Politics, history, novels – I wanted to kill Ceausescu. I`d even kill Iliescu if I met him today, swear to God ! I picture him in my chair, suffering.>>” 2. „<<Something else about Jews,>> he continues, <<not that I don`t like them, but they`re very clannish. Not to mention rich. I`m sure they want to control the world.>> I tell him no, that`s the Americans, closely followed by the Chinese. We Brits gave up a long time ago.” 3. „<<By the way, what does hide-a-fur-pea-shoe mean ?>> he asks. The old lady`s eyes swivel in…