Aleksandar Hemon

{EN} The Lazarus Project – Aleksandar Hemon

1. Americans, we are bound to agree, go out after they wash their hair, with their hair still wet—even in the winter! We concede that no sane Bosnian mother would ever allow her child to do that, as everybody knows that going out with your hair wet commonly results in lethal brain inflammation.

2. Someone is likely to mention the baffling absence of draft in the United States: Americans keep all of their windows open, and they don’t care if they are exposed to draft, although it is well known that being exposed to severe airflow might cause brain inflammation. In my country, we are suspicious of free-flowing air.

3. He had always been complete. He had finished the work of becoming himself, long before any of us could even imagine such a feat was possible.

4. Hear my sorrow, may it break your fucking heart, I hummed to myself.

5. Did he have to disremember his previous life and start from scratch, like an immigrant?


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