Rajaa Al Sanie

{EN} Girls of Riyadh – Rajaa Al Sanie

1. “Can a woman love a man for whom she has lost respect? How many love stories like mine ended after years, in a single night, because the woman suddenly saw the man for what he was? Men don’t necessarily love the one they respect and women are the opposite. They respect only the ones they love. “

2. “Michelle had decided that today she would announce her victory over all men (…) swirling around the dance floor on the day her true love married someone else. If she had any tears to shed this evening, they should be for that poor bride whom circumstances would unite tonight, and all the rest of her nights, with a man forced to marry her, a man whose heart and mind were with that other woman, the one who had danced with such abandon at his wedding.”

3. “… I have complete confidence in myself and I know I can face whatever hassles stand in my way but frankly I don’t have the same confidence in Faisal or any other guy in our sick society (…) they are slaves to reactionary customs and ancient traditions (…)they’re just pawns their families move around on the chessboard! I couldn’t have done it all on my own!”

4. “ …anyone who has gone through love and knows how far it can go can never ever be satisfied with a love that’s just so-so. Now I can’t just settle for less. Look, even though I threw him out of my life he still stands there like a statue that I measure every man up against, and unfortunately they all come out short.”

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