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An Unnecessary Woman – Rabih Alameddine

1. “Yet only in Arabic class were we constantly told that we could not master this most difficult of languages, that no matter how much we studied and practiced, we could not possibly hope to write as well as al-Mutanabbi or, heaven forbid, the apex of the language, the Quran itself. Teachers indoctrinated students, just […]

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Adam și Eva – Liviu Rebreanu

1. “Fericirea adevărată e totdeauna o clipă. Mai multă n-ar putea îndura firea omului care, deseori, într-o viaţa de mulţi ani, nu are norocul sa întîlnească nici clipa aceasta, nici măcar să se apropie de ea.” 2. “Moartea e taina tainelor şi totodată cheia necunoscutului.” 3. “Cele doua principii se diferenţiază îndată în doua suflete, […]

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Kitchen Confidential – Anthony Bourdain

1. “Of course, there’s every possibility this book could finish me in the business. There will be horror stories. Heavy drinking, drugs, screwing in the dry-goods area, unappetizing revelations about bad food-handling and unsavory industry-wide practices. Talking about why you probably shouldn’t order fish on a Monday, why those who favor well-done get the scrapings […]

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Every Man Dies Alone – Hans Fallada

1. „Old proverb: “A good conscience is a soft pillow.” 2. „Quangel admitted to himself that he never loved the boy the way a father is supposed to love his son. From the time Ottochen was born, he had never seen anything in him but a nuisance and a distraction in his relationship with Anna. […]

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Open – Andre Agassi

1. “I’m a young man, relatively speaking. Thirty-six. But I wake as if ninety-six. After three decades of sprinting, stopping on a dime, jumping high and landing hard, my body no longer feels like my body, especially in the morning. Consequently my mind doesn’t feel like my mind. Upon opening my eyes I’m a stranger […]

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Împărăteasa Orhidee – Anchee Min

1. „Mama a fost deprinsa cu conceptul ch’an de fericire, care presupune sa gasesti mul­tumire în lucrurile marunte. Eu am fost învățată să apreciez aerul curat al diminetii, culoarea frunzelor care ruginesc toamna si atingerea plăcută a apei când îmi înmuiam mâinile în lighean.” 2. „Soarele nu straluceste numai pentru unii”, obisnuieste ea sa spuna. […]

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Brideshead Revisited – Evelyn Waugh

1. “‘I’m ashamed of myself,’ said Sebastian gravely. ‘I’m not going to have you get mixed up with my family. They’re so madly charming. All my life they’ve been taking things away from me. If they once got hold of you with their charm, they’d make you their friend not mine, and I won’t let […]

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Twelve years a slave – Solomon Northup

1. ” I expected to die. Though there was little in the prospect before me worth living for, the near approach of death appalled me. I thought I could have been resigned to yield up my life in the bosom of my family, but to expire in the midst of strangers, under such circumstances, was […]

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The Paris Wife – Paula McLain

1. “No is the easiest word there is. Children learn to talk by saying no.” 2. “Let’s always tell each other the truth. We can choose that, can’t we?” 3. “After I was shot, when my head was still in pretty bad shape, a very wise Italian officer told me the only thing to really […]

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Middlemarch – George Eliot

1. “The really delightful marriage must be that where your husband was a sort of father, and could teach you even Hebrew, if you wished it.” 2. “I cannot imagine myself living without some opinions, but I should wish to have good reasons for them, and a wise man could help me to see which […]

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