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Brideshead Revisited – Evelyn Waugh

1. “‘I’m ashamed of myself,’ said Sebastian gravely. ‘I’m not going to have you get mixed up with my family. They’re so madly charming. All my life they’ve been taking things away from me. If they once got hold of you with their charm, they’d make you their friend not mine, and I won’t let […]

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Twelve years a slave – Solomon Northup

1. ” I expected to die. Though there was little in the prospect before me worth living for, the near approach of death appalled me. I thought I could have been resigned to yield up my life in the bosom of my family, but to expire in the midst of strangers, under such circumstances, was […]

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The Paris Wife – Paula McLain

1. “No is the easiest word there is. Children learn to talk by saying no.” 2. “Let’s always tell each other the truth. We can choose that, can’t we?” 3. “After I was shot, when my head was still in pretty bad shape, a very wise Italian officer told me the only thing to really […]

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